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Original Content Creation is the only sure way of remaining relevant and visible on social media and online in general. Atay Ads will not only help you come up with ideas, create them and post them, but will also keenly listen to your needs and those of the business. To do this we will study your business, get your suggestions, and get the latest information about your business to make an informed strategy on how to proceed with both the advert creation and marketing strategy. The following are some of the categories of content that Atay_Ads can create on a weekly or daily basis depending on your needs

i) Adverts or short Commercials for your products or services
ii) Customer testimonials for your products – Has a way of creating or enhancing the trust of customers
iii) Participating in challenges- Increases visibility

iv) Creating funny clips or short videos about your products or services
v) Creating educational videos about your services or products.
With these vast options of videos and content creation, Atay ads will ensure that the online presence of your brands stands out and reaches the intended audience with the right message. For more information kindly talk contact us.

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