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Atay Ads is audio visual solution focused on producing relevant and strategy driven
content for online marketing and campaigns. Atay ads brings to the table a team of experts that
will ease your online experience in terms of marketing and selling. Atay ads will thus provide
you with adverts, social media content( posters, posts, videos and photographs) and marketing
options in all your online platforms. Given all this services delivered to you, you will be able to
concentrate on your core activities.


As a media house, we work to produce engaging content in diverse fields including live events, promos and teasers, documentaries, social media marketing, photography, and a wide array of advertisement content production. In simpler terms, we create and network advertisement content.


Through our creative talents and knowledge of consumer behavior, we are able to improve a product’s performance in the market. We exploit the advantages of social media to help upcoming brands and new products in the market get the clout they need to set roots. We transform potential into results creating room for the underdog to rise.


All in all, we incorporate the use of technology and valid insight to promote brands in the local scene accelerating their clout nationwide. We serve to make a mark for our clients helping them realize greater profits.

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We promote brands in the local scene accelerating their clout nationwide

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